Contact our office from 2:00 p.m. to 06:00 p.m. on weekdays on the following telephone: +55 81 34247222 or +55 81 3424.3358. Our address is Rua do Bom Jesus Nº 215 / 2nd floor, Bairro do Recife - Recife - PE. By calling us you will obtain information about the initial procedures to start a Mediation or Arbitration process.

CEMAPE is an institution designed to help you find alternative and friendly ways of solving your disputes. It is a fast way to find justice (maximum tenor to reach an agreement is of 6 months) based on comprehension and tolerance.

Important : When preparing your next contract do not forget to include an Arbitration or Med-Arb clause.

When you include a Med-Arb or Arbitration clause in you rental, lease or sales contracts, either as an individual or as a company, you will be obliging yourself and the other party to
Solve any eventual disputes in a rapid and more friendly manner.

Below is a sample Arbitration Clause recommended by CEMAPE:

“Qualquer disputa, controvérsia ou demanda decorrente ou relativa a este contrato, ou à sua infração, extinção ou invalidade - não sendo possível um acordo por meio da Mediação - será definitivamente resolvida por arbitragem, de acordo com o Regulamento de Arbitragem Expedita do Centro de Mediação e Arbitragem de Pernambuco - CEMAPE, constituindo-se a Sentença - prolatada por árbitro escolhido pelas partes ou, em sua falta, nomeado pelo CEMAPE - título executivo judicial, na conformidade do que dispõe o art. 584, III, do CPC.”

We must remind you that you can complement the givens with the following information:

a) the number of Arbitrators must be _____________ (one or three);
b) the place where the sessions should take place will be __________(City, Country);
c) the language or languages to be used in the Arbitration sessions should be ______;
d) the rule and laws to govern the arbitration process will be___________, in case the parties do not agree the arbitrator to base his decisions on the principle of equity.