CEMAPE is a non-profit oriented and non governmental institution, whose Managing Directors are elected every two years, by a Board which represents members of FACEPE, a local association of Chambers of Commerce. The Managing Directors are well reputed people with a solid legal background, competent in their professional activities and absolutely aware of their responsibilities as Mediators and Arbitrators. Our professionals can be freely chosen by parties who wish to resolve their disputes by means of our Mediation and Arbitration services.

CEMAPE is a member of an organization called CORTE BRASILEIRA DE ARBITRAGEM EMPRESARIAL (Brazilian Business Arbitration Court) in turn related to CONFEDERAÇÃO DAS ASSOCIAÇÕES COMERCIAIS DO BRASIL - CACB (Brazilian Federation of Chambers of Commerce). It operates under the general rules of the CONSELHO NACIONAL DAS INSTITUIÇÕES DE MEDIAÇÃO E ARBITRAGEM - CONIMA (National Mediation and Arbitration Counsel) as well as its own internal covenants.

No Arbitration Institute is able to survive without credibility. Parties under dispute would never trust their cases to be solved by an Arbitration Institute, unless they feel absolutely assured they are dealing with an honorable entity. Furthermore it is important to stress that, CEMAPE is not related to any private attorney or group of attorneys, and as already mentioned, has no interests in generating profits.

In Brazil, Arbitrators, are liable to the same punishments as the civil servants, in case of professional misconduct. They in fact and lawfully practice a public function.

Aware of these facts and circumstances, and as collaborators together with a number of entities interested in developing the practice of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) in Brazil, we have taken the initiative of organizing events and seminars in order to promote and implement Mediation and Arbitration practices in our region.

In cooperation with the local Rui Antunes Law School and the local Bar Association, our Mediators and Arbitrators have participated in training programs to lawyers.

Finally, given the enormous number of small businesses, we have permanently maintained a relationship of cooperation and partnership with SEBRAE (the Brazilian small business support organization) which renders consultancy to many of these new companies and has, from the beginning, positioned itself as a promoter of the practice of Mediation and Arbitration in our country.